Apollo 1 to 1 Program

Learning in a 1 to 1 environment can open up new possibilities for learning or make it easier to exploit existing learning opportunities.  We have the power to motivate students and bring education to life with a more engaging and interactive curriculum.

Student Engagement

To inspire and engage this new generation of learners, government, educators and experts are investing in the exciting opportunities of 1 to 1 learning.  

They have recognised that schools can either capitalise on young people’s affinity for technology and prepare them for an increasingly technology driven world—or struggle to engage them as technology advance

The National Curriculum and ICT

Students develop ICT competence when they learn to:

Investigate - using ICT to plan and refine information searches; to locate and access different types of data and information and to verify the integrity of data when investigating questions, topics or problems

Create - using ICT to generate ideas, plans, processes and products to create solutions to challenges or learning area tasks

Communicate - using ICT to communicate ideas and information with others adhering to social protocols appropriate to the communicative context (purpose, audience and technology)

Operate - applying technical knowledge and skills to use ICT efficiently and to manage data and information when and as needed

Apply - appropriate social and ethical protocols and practices to operate and manage ICT.

Apple Family Funded Program

Apollo Parkways is a participating school of the Family Funded Program that will provide in-store, telesales and online purchasing with pricing only available for parents and teachers of Apollo Parkways. In addition, parents will feel confident in their purchase through a unique Personal Setup designed around explaining parental controls, privacy and learning to be able to support their child using a digital platform.

Product Purchase and Pricing
Parents are able to navigate to this custom online store link via this dedicated URL


this will ensure that you’re buying the device your student needs, and it offers all the same great features of the regular Apple Online Store, like free delivery and engraving.

Please note that the accepted models for 2017 are the iPad Air 2 (WiFi only) or the iPad Pro - 9 inch size (WiFi only). Cellular enabled devices will not be accepted.

You can also visit your local Apple Store, or call 133-622 to purchase through our contact centre. To find your local Apple store visit www.apple.com/au/retail.

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our school as well as AppleCare+ and accessories.  This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Stores, through the school’s customised online store or via the Apple contact centre. If you are purchasing in-store or over the phone just let the Specialist know the school’s name.

Finance options are also available for purchases if you are purchasing at an Apple Store or online.

Learning and support
The Apple Store is a great place to learn about, try and buy Apple products for education. Apple Specialists are on hand to help you and your student get to know your new Apple device, and with Personal Setup they can help get new devices up and running before you leave the store.

Parents can learn more at www.apple.com/au/education, where they’ll also discover all the great education content available. The App Store has more than 75,000 apps made just for learning; iBooks has interactive books on almost every subject; and iTunes U features speeches, virtual tours and videos from experts and institutions around the world.

Apple value parents’ time, and they're there to help with everything related to your new Apple purchase — from using iPhone to troubleshooting iTunes. Parents can get support by phone, email or online chat, or they can set up a repair or Genius Bar reservation at getsupport.apple.com.

Apple can also provide support with everything related to your new Apple purchase — from using iPad to troubleshooting iTunes.  You can get support by phone, email or online chat or set up a repair or Genius Bar reservation at getsupport.apple.com.


For more information about technology at Apollo Parkways Primary School, please contact our ICT manager,

Kylie Tomat on 9433 1300 or via email on tomat.kylie.k@edumail.vic.gov.au

The following PDF's are available for additional information.

   2017 iPad Implementation Handbook

  2017 Grade 5 & 6 Technology and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement

   eSmart technology tips

   ACMA Guide to online behaviour

   Parental controls information for iPad