1 to 1 iPAd PRogram


Our Grade 5 and 6 classrooms participate in the 1 to 1 iPad Program. Commencing in 2012, this bring your own device program is implemented by our passionate teachers and embraces our smart, safe and responsible use of technologies as a cultural norm and as an accredited eSMART school. Furthermore, our technology coordinator and onsite technicians guide the implementation of our 1 to 1 iPad Program and support teachers and students with regular professional development.

Click image to access handbook

Click image to access handbook

Why 1 to 1?

In a 1 to 1 learning program each student has a portable, networked, digital device that can connect each learner with their teacher and other learners or experts, with real world contexts for learning, multimedia resources, software for learning and online tools and applications.

Learning in a 1 to 1 environment can open up new possibilities for learning or make it easier to enhance existing learning opportunities. Learning can be more active and student centered, curriculum content can be tailored to address learning diversity engaging learners of all abilities. Students become equipped to work at their own pace, to build innovative learning experiences unique to the digital learning environment.


WHY iPads?

  • The touch interface correlates to the technology students' use in their everyday life and allows a high level of interactivity.

  • A tablet is a personal device and reasonably priced to act as a 1 to 1, anywhere, anytime learning device.

  • iOS platform allows access to a wide variety of quality apps.

  • The iPad is versatile and caters for a range of curriculum requirements and opportunities.

  • Through the use of different apps, students are able to choose the type of product they construct to demonstrate their understanding.

  • There is anywhere, anytime access to current information that contains text, sound, images and interactivity.

  • Information is represented with rich multimedia and data visualisation techniques.

  • The instant wake of the iPad means greater use of class time for learning.

  • A 10-hour battery life means the iPad can be used throughout the entire school day.

  • The iPad is an intuitive device and minimal technical support is required.

  • The design is light and portable, easily carried in the school bag and to and from class.


For more information about Technologies at Apollo Parkways Primary School, please contact our Technology Co-ordinator,

Kylie Tomat on 9433 1300 or via email, tomat.kylie.k@edumail.vic.gov.au


Apple Family Funded Program

Apollo Parkways is a participating school of the Family Funded Program that will provide in-store, telesales and online purchasing with pricing only available for parents and teachers of Apollo Parkways. In addition, parents will feel confident in their purchase through a unique Personal Setup designed around explaining parental controls, privacy and learning to be able to support their child using a digital platform.

You can also visit your local Apple Store, or call 133-622 to purchase through our contact centre. To find your local Apple store visit www.apple.com/au/retail.

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our school as well as AppleCare+ and accessories.  This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Stores, through the school’s customised online store or via the Apple contact centre. If you are purchasing in-store or over the phone just let the Specialist know the school’s name.

Finance options are also available for purchases if you are purchasing at an Apple Store or online.


APPLE Learning and support

The Apple Store is a great place to learn about, try and buy Apple products for education. Apple Specialists are on hand to help you and your student get to know your new Apple device, and with Personal Setup they can help get new devices up and running before you leave the store.

Parents can learn more at www.apple.com/au/education, where they’ll also discover all the great education content available. Apple value parents’ time, and they're there to help with everything related to your new Apple purchase — from using iPhone to troubleshooting iTunes. Parents can get support by phone, email or online chat, or they can set up a repair or Genius Bar reservation.

Apple can also provide support with everything related to your new Apple purchase — from using iPad to troubleshooting iTunes.  You can get support by phone, email or online chat or set up a repair or Genius Bar reservation. Click here to learn more.