Italian Language Program


Students in Prep to Grade 6 develop skills in reading, writing, listening to and speaking the Italian Language. They are introduced to Italian through songs, games and Pinocchio! Students build on their skills by engaging in role-play activities and working through a range of different tasks that focus on language acquisition.



A snapshot of our Italian Language Program

Some examples of the tasks that the children participate in are

  • Making puppets to use as a tool for practicing and expressing specific language

  • Restaurant situations that are set up to practice the language used to order foods and drinks.

  • Using laptops to complete class tasks and to access Languages Online

  • Cultural projects on Ancient Rome, Italian Landmarks and Famous Italians, giving students an opportunity to focus on the history of Italy

  • Students in grade 5 and 6 use iPads to complete and present tasks using a variety of applications.


Every second year the whole school participate in Italian Week. This is a celebration of the language and the culture where all things Italian are showcased. The culminating event is the Italian day parade that sees our whole school community dress up as something representative of Italy. Many other exciting events and activities are planned thoughout the week highlighting the importance of learning a language – ours being Italian.


Foundation Italian - Take home story

Grade 1 & 2 Italian - take home story

Grade 3 & 4 Italian - Take home story