the curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum organises schooling into three stages, two of which are applicable in the primary school years. The stages and focus are listed below.

Foundation (Prep) to Grade 2. English, Mathematics, The Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Personal and Social capability.
Breadth - Grade 3 to Year 8. Students have the opportunity to fully engage with all learning areas and capabilities, with a focus on English, Mathematics and Science.
Pathways - Year 9 and Year 10. Students engage in a broad education and begin to plan their senior secondary program of study.

At Apollo Parkways Primary School, we utilise research-based, high impact teaching strategies to implement the Victorian Curriculum in Prep to Grade 6. 

Inquiry Based Learning

Powerful, inquiry focused teaching approaches, are utilised and student curiosity is cultivated through the implementation of our school's inquiry based learning units. Our units promote student engagement, higher order thinking and challenging learning.

Our inquiry based units ensure opportunity for the development of skills and understandings in the following areas of the Victorian Curriculum.

  • Learning areas - Health, The Humanities - Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History, and Science.
  • Capabilities - Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural and Personal and Social Capability.

English and Mathematics

The Early Years program in both Literacy and Numeracy form the cornerstone of teaching and learning in Prep – Grade 4.  Key to their success is the grouping of students with similar learning needs for direct teacher instruction.  When not working with the teacher, students are engaged in independent learning tasks where skills learnt are practised and reinforced.

In Grade 5 and Grade 6 the strategies and approaches from the Middle Years Program are utilised. The focus continues to be on the identified needs of the student with teachers targeting learning to this point of need, while further developing student independence. In these years a vital link between the educational processes of primary schools with those of secondary schools is established. In particular it acknowledges the need for schools to deliver a curriculum that engages students and requires personal responsibility for their learning.

Specialist Programs

Our specialist programs ensure that children from Prep – Grade 6 develop skills and understandings in the remaining learning areas of,

  • Languages (Italian)
  • Physical Education (P.E. and Sport)
  • The Arts (Music/Performing Arts and Visual Art)

At Apollo Parkways Primary School our broad, comprehensive programs provide students with excellent foundations on which to build as they move into their secondary schooling experience.


At Apollo Parkways Primary School a focus of our teaching and learning is the integration of technologies into all facets of the curriculum.  Students and teachers are provided with a wide range of technology including laptops, digital cameras, iPads, digital microscopes, display devices and the Internet.  The use of interactive, open-ended software and apps encourage students to problem solve, verbalise ideas and make considered decisions as part of the learning process.

Our Grade 5 and 6 students participate in our 1 to 1 iPad program where the device they use (as stipulated by the school) is shared between home and the classroom. This not only enhances the home school partnership but provides a real context to educate students in cybersafety.