Our school was successful in being selected to participate in DETs inaugural Primary Science Specialist Initiative intake which resulted in significant funding and professional learning being undertaken by our staff in the learning area of Science.

It also enabled a redevelopment of our science program using an Inquiry approach which led the way for our other Inquiry based learning units. At each grade level there is at least one science focused unit that ensures that understandings are developed in all four areas of science - Physical, Chemical, Biological and Earth and Space Science.

Our science focussed units are based on the Australian Science Association Primary Connections units and use a scientific inquiry approach that develops our students’ science inquiry skills.

The learning in this area of the curriculum is very hands on and investigative with children working like a scientist and undertaking investigations in small cooperative groups. The program is extremely well resourced enabling all children to activity participate. All children conduct the experiments with ample equipment for everyone to be engaged in learning and observation.

Each unit has crafted to incorporate a design element that enables children to apply the understandings and skills they have developed to solve a problem giving these units. Often a STEM focus as well.