Visual Art

All students in Prep - Grade 6 have a 50 minute visual art session each week.  All visual art lessons are taken in one of our two specialised art rooms.  Throughout the year students further develop their experiences, skills, techniques and processes in the following areas:

  • drawing
  • painting
  • textiles
  • construction
  • clay

Students also develop an understanding and awareness of a range of art elements and principles as they progress through their primary school years.

Our art teachers display student's artwork in many spaces around the school. The high quality and creativity demonstrated in these displays the skills and talents that our program develops.

Our Grade 6 graduation provides an opportunity for the artistic talents and skills of our students to be recognised. Zart Art sponsors an art acquisition award that is presented at our graduation ceremony. The work of one student is selected by a VCE visual art educator at a local secondary school. The work is then professionally framed and exhibited in the foyer of our school for 12 months before making its way to the boardroom, enabling the whole school community to enjoy it for many years.

Music - Performing Arts

All students have a 50 minute music session per week with a specialist music teacher. All classes are taken in one of our two music rooms which are well equipped with a variety of instruments including keyboards, pitched and unpitched percussion, guitars, drums and digital technology. The music program is sequential and aims to develop students' skills in performance, expression and exploration, responding and interpreting and musical practices. Both in and out of music sessions, there are many opportunities for live performances from students as well as creative responses to enrich student learning. Participation in performance is encouraged by individuals and groups within lessons. All classes focus on the performing arts every two years culminating in our whole school production.


School Band & Choir

Students in Grades 4-6 who learn a musical instrument have the opportunity to join a multi-instrumental group which operates under the guidance of a conductor.

The school has two choirs coordinated by our choir director. These choirs provide an opportunity for interested students to extend their vocal talents as well as hone their skills singing harmonies and round in a massed ensemble.

Both ensembles rehearse outside of classroom hours once a week. They perform at school assemblies and local festivals held throughout the year.

Whole School Production

Our production is held bi-annually.