Gifted & Talented

At Apollo Parkways Primary School we are highly committed to the provision of programs to meet the needs of all students. We believe that the open ended nature of our classroom programs, where students can work at their own level, cater well for highly able students. In addition to classroom provision we have also developed a small-group withdrawal program - The Pegasus Program - to further support the education of highly capable and talented students. In a withdrawal program such as this, students of like ability can work together on tasks and activities beyond those that can be offered within the mainstream classroom.

Each term three different Pegasus Programs are conducted for various grade groupings across the school. For each program we select a different focus, thus ensuring that the range of talents that our children demonstrate can be catered for within this specialist program. It is our intention that the change in focus will provide many children with the opportunity to participate in the various programs offered. The selection of children to participate in this program is based on teacher nomination.