Grade 4

During the course of term four our science and geography Inquiry based unit is entitled, ‘What impacts on nature?’ This is an inquiry into the factors that affect our natural environments. We look at the importance of environments to animals and people, and different views on how they can be protected.

We focus on developing students’ understanding of sustainability, which is about the ongoing capacity of the environment to sustain human life and wellbeing, and develop the recognition that people have different views on how sustainability can be achieved. We investigate five main natural environments (biomes)– Desert, Aquatic, Forest, Grassland and Tundra, and create a world map with different biomes identified.

Our Grade 4 camp to Phillip Island Adventure resort is being held Monday December 3rd – Wednesday December 5th. As well as being a wonderful experience in a variety of social and physical ways, it also helps our students to understand the methods used to assist the natural environment recover from the invasion of introduced plant and animal species.

To view three of many special things that have happened this year in Grade 4, click on the images below.