Grade 4

During term three we are undertaking our Chemical Science unit entitled ‘What’s the Matter?’ which is a scientific inquiry into the world of matter and reversible and irreversible changes.

The Inquiry based unit is based on many hands-on activities to enhance the learning opportunities for students. Students are encouraged to ‘Predict, Reason, Observe and Explain’ while undertaking a variety of experiments. In addition to these activities, there will be some experiments to be completed at home which are an important way to encourage independent discovery and demonstrate to parents the understandings we are developing.

Also, as an exciting part of our program, the PrimeSci team will present two interactive science programs. The first is titled ‘States of Matter’ in which we learn about solids, liquids and gases, and discover the existence of other states of matter. The second presentation is entitled ‘Crystal Chemistry’, which further develops our understandings of the chemical world.

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