Grade 4

Our Inquiry based unit this term, 'What's Our History?' is an inquiry into our heritage and the cultural groups that make up our community.

An important aspect of this unit is a Family Wheel, which is completed by every student. The 'Family Wheel' is similar to a family tree. Students, with the assistance of parents, grandparents or other family members, fill in the names of past and present family members and their country of origin. They all have the opportunity to share their information with the class, and we always hear very interesting stories about the history of the families in Grade 4.

Some of the key questions we will address in this inquiry unit are:

  • Who lived in Australia first and how do we know?

  • Why did the great journeys of exploration occur?

  • What was life like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples before the arrival of Europeans?

  • Why did Europeans settle in Australia?

  • What was the nature and consequences of contact between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and early traders, explorers and settlers?

To further develop our understandings of Aboriginal culture we have organised an excursion to CERES where we will be taking part in four “hands on” cultural activities including: • Stories about the history and culture of the Wurundjeri people • Walk along the Merri Creek and learn about the history and the significance of it for the Wurundjeri people. • Explore bush-food plants on site and identify indigenous plant species. • Learn about Aboriginal ochre techniques and symbols.

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