Grade 4

Our term one Inquiry based unit, ‘What Keeps Us Well?’ is an investigation into the steps we can take to keep us happy, healthy and resilient.

Students make a presentation entitled ‘All About Me’ which is an effective tool to identify the things that make them feel happy. Students also interview and make a presentation about someone they know who has achieved a goal and discuss how that achievement has enhanced their interviewee’s life.

An important support to our unit is the Student Development Day, which incorporates activities designed and organized on the day by the ‘Coach Approach’ team. Students rotate through five activities which help them to identify what it takes to be successful, the importance of never giving up, and to explore the elements that form the foundations of working in a team, including problem solving, communication, team dynamics and trust. 

Grade 4 students respond enthusiastically to the ideas they encounter and the activities they participate in during this inquiry unit. We hope they can utilize and build on this knowledge throughout the years to permanently enhance their well-being.

To view three of many special things that have happened this year in Grade 4, click on the images below.