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Grade 5

Term 2 2016

What a way to begin an exciting term. A school camp in week 1! Grade 5 students travelled to Hall’s Gap and stayed at Norval – a magnificent venue that is located between impressive, towering cliffs. Everybody enjoyed the balmy weather and beautiful surroundings while developing team skills, resilience and generally challenging themselves to be brave during the adventure activities.

On return to school our Grade 5 students were to launch into new inquiry challenges related to Natural Disasters.


Term 1 2016

The year began with enthusiasm as our Grade 5 pupils came to school armed with their iPads and ready to join the school’s 1 to 1 Program. 

To get the year started the Grade 5 students studied Australian history. They developed ‘big questions’ about our first 100 years. Each student then conducted inquiries about their question. The end result was a wide range of engaging and informative Keynote presentations reflecting the new learning that was taking place in classrooms.


For details of other curriculum areas and activities planned throughout the year, please take the time to read the Grade 5 Information document, which can be found on this web-site. You will also find photographs of the activities the Grade 5 students engage in as the year unfolds.