Italian Translation of "I Went Walking" Take Home Book

Sono andato a camminare

Hattie e la Valpe

Giacco e il Fagiolo

The link above is an audio file that you can play on a home computer.

A snapshot of our Italian Language Program

Students in prep to grade 6 develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking the Italian Language. They are introduced to Italian through songs, games and Pinocchio! Students build on their skills by participating in role-play activities and working through a range of different activities that focus on language acquisition.

  • Students make puppets to use as a tool for practicing and expressing specific language.
  • Restaurant situations are set up to practice the language used to order foods and drinks. 
  • Laptops are used for completing class tasks and for accessing Languages Online.
  • Cultural projects on Ancient Rome, Italian Landmarks and Famous Italians, give students an opportunity to focus on the history of Italy.
  • Students in grade 5 and 6 use iPads to complete and present tasks using a variety of applications.

Students practicing conversation

Role-play activity

Students working on iPads