All students have a 50 minute music session per week with a specialist music teacher. The grade 2 - 6 program is conducted in the music room which  is very well equipped with a variety of instruments including keyboards with midi function enabling them to be used with the bank of ten laptop computers. The music program is sequential and aims to develop students' skills in singing, movement and instrumental work. There are many opportunities for creative and expressive responses from students. Performance is encouraged by individuals and groups within lessons. All classes focus on the performing arts every two years culminating in the whole school production.

Junior Music

Prep and Grade 1 students also have a weekly, 50 minute music lesson with a specialist music teacher. The music program is sequential and aims to develop students' skills in music and the performing arts. 

The students have many opportunities to play a variety of percussion instruments including keyboards and marimbas. They play along with a variety of musical styles as well as create their own tunes and soundscapes.

Many of the songs students learn are related to classroom units and are sourced from traditional, cultural and modern genres. There is an emphasis on participation and students are encouraged to share their responses with the class.


Students in Grades 4-6 who learn a musical instrument have the opportunity to join a multi-instrumental group which operates under the guidance of a conductor. Rehearsals are held before school once a week. The group performs at school assemblies and local festivals held throughout the year.


The school has both a junior choir (Grades 3 & 4) and senior choir (Grades 5 & 6) coordinated by our choir director. These choirs provide an opportunity for interested students to extend their vocal talents.