Physical Education

Physical Education and Sport are an integral part of the education we provide at Apollo Parkways. Physical Education are the skills taught during the school week. Regular physical activity provides young people with important physical, mental and social health benefits

Students in Prep/2 have focused on basic motor skills and movement patterns, with and without equipment. They have engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity including an introduction to minor games and athletics. They have used simple vocabulary to describe movement.

When participating in physical activities, they are learning to follow rules and procedures and share equipment and space safely.

Students in Grade 3/6 have completed activities that have enabled them to further develop and extend their skills in major games and in the area of athletics. All students have been given the opportunity to be taught the techniques required to successfully participate in team and individual games.

In Term 3 all students in Prep/6 have been given the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. This has allowed them the opportunity to explore a variety of gymnastic apparatus. Students have also completed a dance component.

Jan Arney

Paula Clark