Book Launch!

The Grade 1 children have been working extremely hard during term 3. They have learnt about different types of narratives and the important aspects of a narrative. The children then wrote their own stories based on different settings, they needed to include characters, events, including a problem and a solution, and they used descriptive language to make their stories pop! They then became illustrators and publishers and their stories were turned into books. We celebrated this excellent achievement by hosting a Grade 1 Book Launch morning, where the families of our children came along and the we shared our books with them.

Vote for our political party!

On Thursday the 20th September, the Grade 5 cohort participated in a closely contested, mock election run by the Victorian Electoral Commission. Each grade had developed their own issue and political party, culminating in their presentations to the cohort for them to vote upon. The day resulted in an overwhelming understanding of the importance of our preferential voting system, and the need to carefully allocate your preferences!

Clean up Apollo Day!

As part of the Grade 3s inquiry unit, ‘What’s all this rubbish?”, we organised a clean up Apollo Day for Apollo Parkways Primary. The aim was to encourage everyone to keep our school clean and put rubbish in the bin. Students in Grade 3 put on cleaning gloves and took turns to go outside and clean up our school.
Well done Grade 3! Let’s hope that our school stays clean!