Buddy Program

The Grade 6 buddy program is in full swing. Our Grade 6 children are paired up with a Prep child for the year. They provide support for their buddies in the yard and assist them with a variety of classroom activities.

Coding with Blue-Bots

Blue-Bot floor robots are designed to explore computational thinking. They are controlled with either push buttons, through an app or via bluetooth using a tactile reader. This hands on tool encourages students to develop the skills to create an algorithm using a series of directional arrow tiles that they place in sequence from left to write. Just like when we read. In term two our Technology Co-ordinator, Miss Kylie Tomat, visited the Grade 2 team to introduce the Blue-Bot robots. Students completed unplugged activities to develop their skills to write a series of instructions for their robot to move. This is the beginnings of learning to write code by developing a programming script. Students trialed their code to see if it worked and experienced 'debugging' as they made changes to perfect their code. The final session was celebrated with an interactive floor game that the students designed.

Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

The Grade 1 children enjoyed a fabulous excursion to Healesville Sanctuary to support their inquiry into ‘How are Australian animals unique?’

Many Australian animals were seen up close and the Sanctuary keepers roved around sharing their knowledge and answering questions about these native animals. The highlight of the day was the ‘Birds of Prey’ show where the children were excited to learn more about these creatures and to see them in full flight.


Edendale Farm Excursion

As part of the Grade 3 science unit ‘How does it grow?’ the Grade 3 students went to Edendale Farm on Monday 21st May, 2018.

Our focus during this unit is to investigate the common characteristics of living things, how living things are grouped together, their life cycles and key stages. Activities at Edendale Farm included a creek walk, learning about indigenous plants, the life cycle of the Eltham Copper Butterfly, worms and bees.

Virtual Reality into Aboriginal Dreamtime

Students had the opportunity to partake in a Virtual Reality experience where local Indigenous Pamagirri guides encouraged students to observe them and learn about their fascinating dances in Tropical North Queensland. They were also transported to the beginning of time where they witnessed stories from the Aboriginal Dreamtime.