Werribee Zoo Extended Excursion

On Friday the 12th of October the Grade 2 children had a fantastic day. We spent the day at Werribee Zoo. We went on a safari tour and learnt how to be a mini zookeeper. But wait there’s more…after Werribee we headed to Williamstown to have a chip and potato cake dinner, followed by a drink and a delicious apple. We had a great time on the beach and played cricket, footy and built sand castles. We got back to school at 7pm. It was such a fabulous day, we had so much fun!  

Activities Afternoon 2018

Our annual Grade 1 Activities Afternoon is a very special event for students. Afternoon tea is served before an exciting tabloid sports event is held on the oval. A barbeque picnic dinner refreshes everyone in preparation for a mini concert that is held in the stadium. The Activities Afternoon is a wonderful way for our students to enjoy time with their friends as the near the end of their year in Grade 1. Thank you to all of the parents and staff that volunteer their time to help make this event possible.

Apollo Film Fest. 2018

The annual Apollo Film Fest was celebrated on Monday the 4th of December.  The students did a great job filming, editing and producing some very high quality films for audiences to enjoy.

Enjoy some pictures from the event below.