Banyule Rethink Centre Excursion

The smell of rubbish met the nostrils of the Grade 3s as we approached the Banyule Rethink Centre. However, once inside we were greeted by the Material Girls. Colourful presenters, Organza and Polyester, sang, danced and entertained us about environmental sustainability. Students were able to experience first-hand the process of 'rubbish', including how it is made and where it travels after it is collected from household kerbside collection bins in order to be recycled and avoid landfill. The presentation was information packed with hands on experiences that captured the attention of all. The students discovered the raw resources required to make materials, packaging and waste wise shopping, what materials can be recycled, the role of compost, material separation and reprocessing. What a wonderful introduction to the term 3 inquiry unit, ‘What’s all this Rubbish?’.