Healesville Sanctuary Excursion 2019

Native Australian animals were the focus during our Grade 1 visit to Healesville Sanctuary. We wandered around the Sanctuary observing the animals and their habitats. Kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, emus and native reptiles were just some of the animals were looked at. Highlights included the ‘Birds of Prey’ show and some of us even saw the platypus show. The cheeky white ibis were trying to steal our food but we chased them away. Thank you to all of the wonderful parent helpers that attended and helped make our excursion to Healesville Sanctuary so wonderfully informative and enjoyable!

Activities Afternoon 2018

Our annual Grade 1 Activities Afternoon is a very special event for students. Afternoon tea is served before an exciting tabloid sports event is held on the oval. A barbeque picnic dinner refreshes everyone in preparation for a mini concert that is held in the stadium. The Activities Afternoon is a wonderful way for our students to enjoy time with their friends as the near the end of their year in Grade 1. Thank you to all of the parents and staff that volunteer their time to help make this event possible.

Book Launch 2018

The Grade 1 children have been working extremely hard during term 3. They have learnt about different types of narratives and the important aspects of a narrative. The children then wrote their own stories based on different settings, they needed to include characters, events, including a problem and a solution, and they used descriptive language to make their stories pop! They then became illustrators and publishers and their stories were turned into books. We celebrated this excellent achievement by hosting a Grade 1 Book Launch morning, where the families of our children came along and the we shared our books with them.

Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

The Grade 1 children enjoyed a fabulous excursion to Healesville Sanctuary to support their inquiry into ‘How are Australian animals unique?’

Many Australian animals were seen up close and the Sanctuary keepers roved around sharing their knowledge and answering questions about these native animals. The highlight of the day was the ‘Birds of Prey’ show where the children were excited to learn more about these creatures and to see them in full flight.


'Let's Get Moving' afternoon

Grade 1 students participated in a ‘Let’s Get Moving’ afternoon as part of our inquiry into ‘How do we keep our bodies healthy & well?’. They enjoyed a short yoga session, a Zumba dance class and rotated through some fun activities on the oval.