Coach Approach - Building a Growth Mindset!

On Monday 4th of March Coach Approach visited the Grade 4’s at Apollo. Coach Approach is a national organisation made up of elite and professional athletes from a wide variety of sports. Members of their team have competed at Olympic, Commonwealth, International or State level. The Grade 4’s participated in different activities including Taekwondo, Circus Tricks, Teamwork, a ‘Strive and Thrive’ presentation and Dancing. The students enjoyed their day immensely and it complemented our inquiry unit focusing on overcoming challenges and utilising a growth mindset.

Grade 4 Camp - Tuesday 4th Dec

It’s day two of the Grade 4 camp to Phillip Island. Please browse the gallery below to share their experiences.

Grade 4 Camp - Monday 3rd Dec

On Monday 3rd December, our Grade 4 students will excitedly depart on their three day camping adventure to Phillip Island. The activities undertaken at camp will include:

  • flying fox

  • giant swing

  • ponding

  • low ropes course

  • swimming pool

  • bouldering

  • ranger guided visit to Phillip Island Penguin Visitor Centre

  • beach combing with rangers at Smith’s Beach

  • initiatives

  • penguin parade

  • disco and grade songs

  • visit to pelican feeding

  • rock pool

  • photo hunt

Science - 'States of Matter'

In term three, Grade 4 students participated in a science program called ‘States of Matter’. During the session, students had the opportunity to complete fascinating scientific investigations that support our chemistry focused unit, based on solids, liquids and gasses. Some of the activities were creating a mini pressurised rocket and making oobleck, to name a few.



Virtual Reality into Aboriginal Dreamtime

Students had the opportunity to partake in a Virtual Reality experience where local Indigenous Pamagirri guides encouraged students to observe them and learn about their fascinating dances in Tropical North Queensland. They were also transported to the beginning of time where they witnessed stories from the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

Student Development Day

In term one the Grade 4 team held a Student Development Day, which incorporates activities designed and organized on the day by the ‘Coach Approach’ team. Students rotate through five activities which help them to identify what it takes to be successful, the importance of never giving up, and to explore the elements that form the foundations of working in a team, including problem solving, communication, team dynamics and trust. These activities were teamwork, taewkondo, circus, hip-hop dance and a Strive and Thrive presentation about resilience.