School History

Apollo Parkways Primary School is located in Greensborough, on Melbourne’s outer northern residential rim. The Northern Metropolitan TAFE, including Campus Pre-school, and the Diamond Valley Special Developmental School are situated opposite the school making the area a nexus of educational institutions. The Nillumbik Shire Offices and community sports and library facilities are within easy walking distance and provide students with opportunities to extend their learning beyond the school boundaries.

The school was established in 1979 with an enrolment of 300 students, and has grown steadily to its current, and highest ever enrolment of 770 during 2005. The majority of students are from the immediate locality, but a significant proportion of students, 42%, are drawn from suburbs outside the local neighbourhood. Our school’s high profile with regard to information and communication technologies and general education excellence has led to many families choosing to travel to Apollo Parkways from suburbs some distance away. It was in consideration of these statistics that our School Council has made successful application to the Department of Education & Training for a school enrolment ceiling of 775 students.

The aim of all school programs is to provide a challenging and motivating learning environment that provides students with opportunities for participation and gaining a sense of achievement. Our school curriculum is broad, comprehensive and integrated, covering all core curriculum areas, as determined by departmental policy. Aspects of the curriculum are covered through classroom programming, whilst others are implemented by specialist subject teachers in: Performing Arts (music), Visual Arts, Library, Physical Education & Sport and LOTE (Italian). Additional assistance programs such as Reading Recovery and Corrective Reading, together with classroom literacy intervention opportunities are provided to those students with special needs. An enrichment program, The Pegasus Program, is offered to highly capable and talented students.

Apollo Parkways has a fine history of excellence in many aspects of education. Our corridors are adorned with pennants that recognise premierships won in the Diamond Valley Primary School Sports Association competition. Team photographs celebrate the achievements of students at State championship level, in a wide range of sports, over many years.

Our biennial whole school musical production is a highlight of The Arts program, with all children singing, dancing and performing in front of audiences of proud families and friends. Recent school productions have further showcased student talents as scriptwriters and choreographers, further broadening the opportunities afforded children at our school. Our junior and senior choirs together with the multi-instrumental group are regular performers at both school functions and community events.

Apollo Parkways Primary School has a very proud tradition of excellence and innovation with regard to information and communication technologies (ICT). In 1995 our school lead the way as one of the Education Department’s seven Navigator Schools. Since 2005 as part of the NAVCON consortium this role continues, demonstrating to other schools the possibilities for the fullest integration of ICT into all aspects of the school curriculum. The professional development provided to teachers; both locally and internationally, continues to confirm Apollo Parkways status as a leading edge educational institution.

The expansive world of ICT has brought profound changes to the nature of teaching and learning, assessment and school culture itself. Our students have the capacity to bring to their learning information and experiences far beyond their immediate world. Through the development of our ‘Apollo Parkways Learning Model’ our students, teachers and school community have been able to articulate clearly our educational philosophy. The ‘Apollo Parkways Learning Model’ embodies our core values and school vision – life long learning in a global community. (A copy of this model is available on request)

Our parent community is heavily involved in the school’s life and shares a commitment to its future development. It is clear that there is a climate of mutual good will, trust and cooperation. School Council and the school leadership work to ensure a democratic atmosphere is created, based on a clear and unified purpose. The community feels confident that it is involved in the school’s growth and that its opinion will be sought and valued.

The staff’s desire for our school to be characterised by enthusiasm, hard work, success and pride has resulted in Apollo Parkways Primary School being considered a good place to work. The school has attracted, developed and retained an excellent staff. The school’s policy towards personal development, helping people to reach their full potential, is considered not only in connection to the students but also towards enhancing the talents of the staff responsible for educating these students.