Student Leadership


Junior School Council Representatives 2018

The JSC is made up of a group of students from grade 3 to grade 6 who have been elected by their peers to represent the interests of all students at Apollo Parkways Primary School. They are leaders within our school community who are capably led by 2 captains, and are involved in the planning and operation of whole school events including Footy Day in Term 3. Representatives are encouraged to instigate, lead and support school based fundraising events which assist a variety of charities. They attend regular meetings, participate in a Leadership Day, write articles for the school newsletter and give speeches at school assemblies regarding current JSC events and initiatives.


Environmental Council Representatives 2018

The Environmental Council leaders are responsible for the environmental issues within our school and the wider community. The Junior Environmental Council was first formed at Apollo Parkways Primary School in 2006. From 2014 onwards it has been known as the Environmental Council, EC. Students from grades 3 to 6 are elected by their peers to be in the council for the school year. This council organises various events that are beneficial to our school environment.  As an EC representative they encourage other students to reduce water usage and reduce the amount of energy they use in the classroom by always remembering to turn off lights and power.  The EC is led by two grade six students who have the role of Environmental Council Captains.


Grade 6 Leaders 2018

There are a total of 26 students in the Apollo Parkways Grade 6 student leadership group.

The student responsibilities cover the areas of eLearning, Junior School Council, Environment Council, Learning Leaders, Sports Captains, Social Justice and Performing Arts Captains.

The student leaders will host the whole school assembly on four occasions throughout the year. Each occasion has a theme.