Learning Support


Apollo Parkways Primary School offers additional assistance to students requiring support with their learning. A range of specialised programs are offered across the school.

The Learning Support Program provides a range of students, across all grade levels with additional assistance in the development of language and literacy skills. Working with a qualified teacher, children work in small groups or individually on programs which target their particular needs. Programs focus on reading, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, handwriting and speaking and listening skills.


Our reading programs incorporate a phonics based approach using programs such as Little Learners Love Literacy, with a range of decodable texts to support the letter/sound relationship.

Our sessions cover the Five Keys to reading

  • Phonemic Awareness- segmenting and blending speech sounds
  • Phonics- Letter/sound relationship
  • Vocabulary- Using and knowing the meaning of a wide range of words
  • Fluency- reading with speed and accuracy
  • Comprehension- understanding the meaning and intent of a text


Skills of spelling and writing are combined with these reading programs and incorporate a visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approach.

  • Handwriting- formation, sizing
  • Spelling- segmenting of sounds, linking with phonics
  • Writing- grammar, sentence structure, punctuation

Prep Phonological Awareness Program

The Prep Phonological Awareness program aims to develop the early literacy skills of identified Prep students.  All students are introduced to letters and sounds (phonics) through their classroom program and then screened by their teachers, using the screening test, to identify those students who need further support to utilise this knowledge in their literacy.  

The Prep Phonological Awareness program focuses on identifying sounds in spoken words and matching sounds to letters and letter combinations.  It is a one to one program facilitated by trained teacher aides and volunteers.  Students participate up to twice a week for 30 minutes to complete the 16 session program.

Learning Leaders - Prep and Grade 1

Our school developed Learning Leaders program is provided to identified Prep and Grade 1 students (Grade 1 - Term 3 & Prep - Term 4).  Interested Grade 6 students write an expression of interest to take on the role of Learning Leader.  They are then trained by the leadership team,which is made up of the Principal and two Assistant Principals. The program is implemented using their iPad for part of three lunchtimes per week for approximately six weeks.  The Grade 6 learning leaders are buddied up with a younger participant and assist them to read their take home book, learn letters and sounds and practice reading their ‘Magic Words’.

The Prep and Grade 1 students build a positive learning relationship with the Grade 6 learning leaders while practising their essential early literacy skills.